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Dakota Fanning

How much is Dakota Fanning?

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Dakota Fanning net worth:
$16 Million
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Hanna Dakota Fanning is a stunning star who started climbing up the ladder of fame at a very young age. Many of us remember seeing her in TV shows such as Ally McBeal, ER and the movie I Am Sam, which nominated her for the Screen Actors Guild Award at age eight. She was born February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia to a typical southern family with English, French, German and Irish ancestry. She has also entered the world of fashion as a model along with her younger sister Ella, who is now 18 years old and also an actress.

In 2005, Fanning appeared in the highly recognized movie The War of the Worlds as a child star and got a lot of positive response from both public audiences and the media. More recently she had a dramatic role in the famous Twilight saga movies presenting a more mature character. In 2006, she was ranked 14th on Forbes list of top earning stars aged under 21, and today, now age 22, Dakota Fanning has a net worth of $16 million. She has even been invited to join the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences early at age 21, becoming the youngest member in the Academy’s history ever!

Besides acting and modeling, Fanning is also an academic student. At the present time, she is studying at New York University’s Gellatin School of Individualized Study and has been since 2013.

Through her acting career, Fanning has been changing agencies that represent her to the public more often; reports show that in 2012, she has signed to be represented by William Morris Endeavor Agency, but she soon ended her connection with the agency and signed with a new one, Osbirnk Talent. Later in 2014, she switched agencies again to finally be represented by CAA.

On the other hand, relating to her personal life, Dakota Fanning is now having a passionate relationship with the British model Jamie Strachan and, as far as we know, has never dated any other guys before him because of her young age.

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Dakota Fanning

Actress, model
Date of Birth
Feb 23, 1994(29 years old)
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