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Cillian Murphy

How much is Cillian Murphy?

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Cillian Murphy net worth:
$15 Million
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Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor of screen and stage. The actor was born in Douglas. His mother was a teacher of French, and his father works for the Department of Education. All the family of Cillian, besides of his parents were teachers too. But the musicianship runs in the family too, Cillian started to play music and write songs when he was 10 years old.

Murphy was raised Catholic and he attended to Catholic school Presentation Brothers College, he did well academically, but got into troubles very often, and he was suspended a few times, but in his fourth year he decided that misbehaving was not worth.

First Roles

The first role of Cillian Murphy was a module that was presented by Pat Kiernan, the director of the Corcadorca Theatre Company. Many years later, the actor described the experience as a fully alive feeling and a huge high that he makes sure to chase.

The poet and novelist William Wall, who was the personal teacher of English of the actor, was the first person to encourage him to pursue acting; but, at this stage all that Cillian Murphy wanted was to become a Rock Star, the actor wrote his own song and play a number of instruments.


Cillian has participated in a lot of movies. It was his role as Jim in the Post-apocalyptic flick 28 Days Later from 2002, which helped him to attract international attention. His participation in the trilogy of Batman directed by Christopher Nolan and in the thriller Red Eye; the critics noticed him for his chameleonic performances, but his fans noticed him by his distinct blue eyes.

In the 2017 he participated in the movie of Christopher Nola based in real events, Dunkirk. Murphy will be a soldier rescued from the zone of war.

Personal Life

The music is a very important part of this actor’s life. For an interview in 2004 Cillian Murphy said that the only thing about his life that can be considered as extravagant is his stereo system, buying music and going to gigs.

Cillian Murphy no longer plays in a rock band, but he constantly plays music with his friends and writes songs.

Cillian had previously been verging on agnostic, but he confirmed his atheism after researching his role as a nuclear physicist/astronaut in the film Sunshine.

For many years Murphy was a vegetarian, not for moral objection, but because of qualms about unhealthy agribusiness practices.

Today, Cillian live a modest live in London and Dublin, he never get used to live in Hollywood with all the attention, and making sure his private life remains private. And he lives with his wife Yvonne McGuinness and their two children.

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Cillian Murphy

Date of Birth
May 25, 1976(47 years old)
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