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Tomer Zur

How much is Tomer Zur?

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Tomer Zur net worth:
$650 Million
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Tomer Zur immigrated to the US from Israel in 2006 at the age of 21 after serving in the Israeli army for three years. Mr. Zur visited several American states but ultimately chose to make New York his home in the US.

Upon his arrival, he began working as an auto parts salesman serving the entire Tri-State Region. A quick study, it wasn’t long before Tomer became the owner of his own auto parts company. Not surprisingly, his dedication and hard work paid off. The company grew rapidly and was later sold in 2014.

In 2014 he started a consumer transportation company called Luxury One Corp. While Luxury One Corp operates in several verticals, it is most known for its standing as one of the country’s largest taxi leasing providers. However, the company also provides technology services to transportation businesses including mobile app development. Indeed, one of the company’s most notable clients is the ride sharing company—Uber. Who says ridesharing companies and taxi services can’t play nice?

One of the achievements Zur is most proud of is the fact that at the time of this writing the company continues to pave a pathway to the American dream by providing thousands of immigrants with jobs in the US. Luxury One’s string of accomplishments doesn’t end there either. In fact, since 2014 Mr. Zur’s company has tripled revenues every year and continues on a rapid growth trajectory – to the tune of approximately $300 million in annual sales. Analysts predict that if it continues at the same pace by 2020, the company could have over 10,000 taxis only in NYC area alone.

In 2015 Tomer Zur signed an exclusive contract an Israeli technology company called Mobileye that develops vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to deliver warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. He also recently signed a contract on a 40,000 square feet property on 528 west 39th Street in Manhattan as a hub for his taxi and fleet repair operations, along with Mobileeye system installation.

Given the magnitude of his success, one might think Tomer too busy to engage in other pursuits. But anyone who thinks that would be wrong. As a case in point, Mr. Zur recently launched a taxi insurance company that provides coverage for thousands of livery cars. He has also gotten back into the car parts business.

When asked if he ever yearns for a break he responded, “I have no plans to slow down. In fact, don’t be surprised if I start and purchase even more businesses in the near future.”

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Tomer Zur

Tomer Zur

Date of Birth
Oct 27, 1985(32 years old)
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