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Todd McFarlane

How much is Todd McFarlane?

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Todd McFarlane net worth:
$300 Million
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Todd Mcfarlane is an artist, writer, designer and manufacturer of toys, which is known for his work of cartoonist and have collaborated in the work of Spawn, Spiderman, Haunt and the super villain Venom, apart from this work is also owner of a hockey team which plays in the National hockey League’s, the Edmonton Oilers. He spends his time and hobby collecting baseballs cards that have had a historic impact on the sport.

In the late 80’s, is when he starts to have his recognition for his cooperation in the world of comics, helping franchises like Spiderman. His work made him achieve to sell 3 million copies making this comic the most selling in the history of comics. Todd with his partner David Michelinie, or create the villain of the universe of Marvel Comics “Venom”. Is a villains known for carrying a symbionts, that has similar characteristics to a pest or a parasite that invaded a person.

Todd McFarlane creates these characters, and they have in common the fact of being dominated by symbionts. Spawn, Venom and Haunt have symbionts that take possession of their body and give them meta-human characteristics that make them have super powers, making them Heroes or Villains.

Todd Mcfarlane

It was in 1992 when he formed Image comics and created the antihero Spawn, who had confessed to have done at school when he was just a teenager.

For late 90s, Spawn ended up being the best known hero, which made McFarlane quite popular and give free rein to a great source of income that would make him what he is today, having at its disposal producing companies (Mcfarlane productions), a toymaker company (McFarlane toys) and Todd Mcfarlane Entertainment.

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Todd Mcfarlane

Todd McFarlane

Writer, Cartoonist, Artist, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Visual Artist
Date of Birth
Mar 16, 1961(63 years old)
United States of America
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