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Robert Rodriguez

How much is Robert Rodriguez?

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Robert Rodriguez net worth:
$50 Million
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Robert Rodriguez is a writer, musician and director from Mexico, known for his work for both in films made in large studies as well as low-budget films and independent. His career begins with the film called “The Mariachi “which was made when Robert was only 24 years old.

Robert Rodriguez was born in 1968, his family were immigrants from Mexico, is the third of 8 children of his family. He studied at the University of Texas. He wrote his first script in a clinical research center, in an experimental laboratory where he was volunteer patient for certain scientific studies, the reason why he was in the laboratory was that he wanted to raise the necessary money to start his first film.

Once he had the money and produce his film, he would begin by making an agreement with various trade shops of home videos, and came to make The Mariachi with a budget of $7000. Columbia Pictures became interested by that film and it was there where they bought the rights to Robert Rodriguez and he received a 2 year contract.

Robert Rodriguez

The Mariachi won an award as best dramatic film at the Sundance Film Festival and then a succeeded recognition at the International Festivals in Germany, Scotland and Japan.

He continued to direct films after The Mariachi, films like Roadracers, Four Rooms, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, The faculty, Mini Spy series among others.

As for his personal life, he was married to Elizabeth Avellan in 1990 and divorced in 2007 after having shot his film Planet Terror, where later he would have a relationship with the star of the film, Rose McGowan.

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Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Film director, Musician, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Film Editor, Actor, Writer, Film Score Composer, Voice Actor
Date of Birth
Jun 20, 1968(56 years old)
United States of America
6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Robert Anthony Rodriguez, Roberto Rodriguez, Mi Hermano Robert R., Robert Rodríguez, The Wizard
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