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David A. Nicholas named 2020 Top Influencer

How much is David A. Nicholas named 2020 Top Influencer?

Worth? in Businessmen
David A. Nicholas named 2020 Top Influencer net worth:
$7.5 Million
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David A. Nicholas also kwon as “Captain Davo” works as the corporate
director for a national powerhouse in Australia’s sales and marketing space, and recently he got named Top Influencer of 2020.

But before taking on his role as company director in charge of staffing, social media management, consulting, etc. there was a time David didn’t even know if he’d make it.

A Journey Begins

David Nicholas was born on October 2, 1993 His birthplace—Adelaide, Australia.

Before working his way through the ranks—to the director’s office, Nicholas paid his dues tackling several other longstanding projects. These roles included door-to-door sales, and B2B sales, along with mid and upper management-level responsibilities.

In a no-holds-barred interview with Welcome to the Poddy’s, Claytron; David states, “I’ve just always had a natural knack for selling.” And as Davo says in the same conversation, “Door to door sales is about having the right energy”, which David possesses in abundance.

But not one to take the credit for himself, Nicholas is grateful to his employers and clients for having entrusted him with his business responsibilities. Because had they not tasked him with those duties, he never would have attained the skills that are so crucial in his life – today.

For example, ‘sales’ helped improve his communication skills. It also taught him the value of building lasting interpersonal relationships, while teaching him how to resolve conflicts.

As a testament to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he learned to create and build effective business plans while further honing his problem-solving capabilities.

AKA Davo Slots, AKA The Captain Davo

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned there was a time Davo didn’t know if he would succeed. That’s because before turning 18 years old, he’d also discovered another passion—gambling. 

He knew if he didn’t get it under control it would eat him alive. But in a masterstroke, David addressed the issue head-on. In the process, he successfully merged two entirely different personas into one.

David’s reputation as a results-oriented businessman earned him the nickname, “The Captain Davo”. By the way, the word ‘Davo’ is just a shortened version of ‘David’. 

But he also has another persona—Davo Slots. That’s because instead of running from his love affair with gambling, he embraced it. So, when his followers began calling him ‘Slots’ due to his massively televised slot machine winnings he didn’t stop them.

And while it’s evident to those closest to him that Davo’s business acumen far outweighs his blackjack pursuits, his social media following tells a different story. Nonetheless, one need only to see how Nicholas has transformed his high roller persona into a luxury lifestyle brand to see
that he’s as masterful in the board room as on the casino floors.

Better Envied than Pitied

Suffice to say David has gained numerous detractors. Some feel he glorifies gambling, and that in doing so he may be leading his social media followers down the dark path of addiction.

Likewise, several gambling aficionados have flat out accused Davo Slots of flashing fake money in his live streams. An accusation to which Davo has said is patently false. He’s further stated in response that he publishes both his winnings and losses and does so to ensure his viewers understand the risks of gambling and play responsibly.

Is there truth to the accusations? Who knows? However, one thing’s for sure – anyone who achieves high levels of visibility attracts his fair share of haters. And the funny thing is the naysayers only further add to the mystique that is Captain Davo—driving more searches, clicks, and ultimately affiliate sales to the man they’re trashing.

All of which only serves to further reinforce the uncanniness of Nicholas’ branding prowess.

Downtime – What’s That?

As one might imagine finding leisure time between running several companies and hitting the slots is no small feat. Part of the reason is that David so thoroughly enjoys what he does that he considers working fun too.

But although he loves what he does for a living, Davo still manages to carve out a few hours to get away from it all. In those instances, he delights in spending time with friends and family. 

He often likes to hang out with loved ones while relaxing on the beach or basking in the hot sun.

Alternatively, during the cooler months, he’s really into chasing the sunshine; even if it means hopping on a flight and heading to the North Hemisphere. 

And somehow between the hustle and bustle of it-all Davo still manages to eat good healthy meals. So, who is Captain Davo? He’s just a man who was awakened to his true calling, which is to show us all what we’re capable of achieving

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David A. Nicholas

David A. Nicholas named 2020 Top Influencer

Date of Birth
Oct 02, 1993(30 years old)
Captain Davo
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