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Chip Foose

How much is Chip Foose?

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Chip Foose net worth:
$18.5 Million
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Born on October 13 of 1963, is an American car designer and star of the reality show “Overhaulin”. Chip Foose begins working with cars at the age of 7 years in the company of his father which had design projects in Santa Barbara, California.

Foose began attending the Art Center for Design in 1982; however, he resigned to 2 years later due to difficulties in his budget. After working for 4 years in Clenet Coachworks, Foose could resume his studies at the Art Center and improve his education.

After graduating in 1990, Foose starts working in a full time job as a designer in Sterenberger, working for the Ford Company. An executive of a company called Coddington, told Chip Foose that they had a vacancy in the design supervisor position, that the job was available. To convince Foose to work with him he offered him his own workshop.

Then Foose began working full time for Coddington. Foose gained more exposure in 2003 as a result of a TLC documentary of a design and creation of a modified 2002 Ford Thunderbird, which he calls Speedbird.

In 2004, the TLC program Overhaulin was launched into the air with Chip Foose as the star of the show, in 2005 the show Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) was announced, a convertible Camaro was the star of the program, model that Foose had designed, this caused a great sensation and became trending in the media.

Chip Foose

Foose had problems with the law by drawing attention of the police; they believed that he was involved in illegal activities. In 2006, Chip Foose launched a line of miniature car, called “Die Cast”, with models based on his famous designs. Chip Foose is considered one of the best car designers in the world.

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Chip Foose

Chip Foose

Date of Birth
Oct 13, 1963(60 years old)
United States of America
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