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Boaz Bagbag: The Journeyman’s Dream

How much is Boaz Bagbag: The Journeyman’s Dream?

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Boaz Bagbag: The Journeyman’s Dream net worth:
$50 Million
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NEW YORK- Change. Change is a good for any community and often inspires community to accomplish great things. It only takes one individual to spark the change that can inspire others to follow suit. Politics were built on this influential trait since the beginning of U.S. government, a trait that has resulted in millions like tech creator Boaz Bagbag to uproot to the U.S. and build change that helps millions like himself not only survive but also succeed. We often identify change as, “The American Dream”.

A renaissance man, Israel’s Boaz Bagbag relocated to the U.S. 25 years ago (1993) is pursuit of opportunity and better living. Like most immigrants, Bagbag planted himself in the U.S., ready to grow through hard work and dedication. Humble beginnings, Boaz found his way into the the tech industry and created the safety automobile technology known as Mobileye.

driver behavior by mayor de blasio program,and the first in new york city to develop auto mess car driver less cars leader in Collision Avoidance Systems, advancing driver safety through collision prevention and mitigation. Popular installation within majority of transportation service vehicles. “The driver behavior technology brings a greater focus on safety for our customers,” Bagbag told Talkline.

Due to the North American success of , Boaz Bagbag built an multi-million dollar enterprise that has supported various social interests for the New York/Tri-State area including mental health issues and economic growth. Leading by example, the tech entreprenur

CBSNew York reported on Bagbag and driver behavior safety technology back in June 2015. Below in the YouTube link, view complete coverage.

Several financial reports indicate that continued, by 2020, Boaz Bagbag’s company could have over 10,000 self-employed transporters and annual sales of approximately $300 million only in NYC area alone. Recently, Bagbag got heavily involved to saved the Eye Low Cab taxi medalions after 5 owners killed committed suicide concluding in value loss from $1.2 Million to $175,000 dollars last auction. The acquisition will boost the profits tremendously thanks to the reliable resources.

Accomplished businessman, Bagbag has also been heavily involved in Manhattan’s congress for over a decade. Understanding the importance of politics and it’s cooperation with the people, Bagbag makes it his mission to education, support, and promote the right potential candidate for every New York election. Known donor to regional public officials eager to make change within the community. Bagbag began involving himself in politics as early as 2004 with donations.

A successful business owner, generous employer, and well-known active member of Jewish faith. In the religious community, Boaz assists in the severity of mental health issues. Through extensive research and personal interest, Bagbag is single-handledly bringing the pressing matter to the forefront through informative dialogue and regular social gatherings like benefit affairs and workshops within the community. Bagbag’s influential leadership has ignited the community to become involved in the outreach in finding funding for mental health solutions.

Remaining stateside, Bagbag also contributes to the growth of Israel, several years ago, Bagbag assisted in the purchase and providing of his country with a organized public ambalance service known as Zaka. , Zaka provides not only carries terror and accident victims on their final journey, but also serves as a mobile store-room for the ZAKA volunteers to access all types of medical, rescue and recovery equipment. Bagbag was awarded honors by the Northern Jewish Israeli community for his contribution in 2016.

To-date Bagbag uplifts the Upper Eastside mentally, financially, and culturally through his support of community leaders. A model citizen, the tech guru’s lead of example mentality inspires more than the Tri-State in the current health climate.

One of the most connected american isreali to top official in the Israeli government

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Boaz Bagbag

Boaz Bagbag: The Journeyman’s Dream

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