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Rafael Nadal

How much is Rafael Nadal?

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Rafael Nadal net worth:
$125 Million
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Rafael Nadal was born on June 3rd, 1986 in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain. He has entered in the history of sport in Spain, and the world from the front door. His name is well- known everywhere, and it is not for something wrong, because his merits on tennis courts have made his name written in golden letters. Rafael Nadal began playing tennis with only 4 years encouraged by his uncle Toni Nadal, who would become his coach and he is currently his great mentor. His total net worth is $125million.

His beginnings.

Rafael was an excellent player since he was a Little kid, although after doing some soccer and basketball tryouts, tennis was the one in which he fell in love. His parents Ana Maria and Sebastian Nadal backed him from the beginning by trying that his son’s dream would be come true. Rafael has also a younger sister called Maria Isabel, and he is a former Barcelona Soccer Player Miguel Angel Nadal. He was also part of Mallorca F.C, and Spanish National Team.

Grand Slams.

Although he is left-handed in the courts, Rafael is right-handed out of them, hence his setback has made him on many occasions ‘invincible’. With 9 Grand Slam titles on their shelves. Nadal has achieved that dream that he once had as a child and that was to become the number one in the world, and he did, because dreams when pursued with hope and the illusion of being reached, many times happen, He achieved it on August 18, 2008 by beating Swiss Roger Federer to a second position.

He is the youngest male tennis player in history to win the Golden Slam, which includes the four Grand Slams, and gold medal at the Olympic Games, although not consecutively obtained in the same year, at age 24 and 103 days. This achievement is only shared by André Agassi who got it at the age of 29 and 38 days.

His life out of the court.

Despite his enviable resume, Rafael has managed to keep his feet on the ground, perhaps as no one would have imagined, because of his worldwide fame. He has also become the first male tennis player in history to win in the same year (2010) three Grand Slam on three different surfaces, Nadal has tried to live his youth like any other guy. He likes enjoying to escape during summer with his friends to enjoy by the Balearic Islands during his days off to rest.

Tough times.

During his career, Rafael has suffered and overcame some hard blows, including the separation of his parents in June 2009, an unexpected outcome for the young tennis player who joined a streak of injuries to his knees, rebounding radically in his good game.

Rafael Nadal is considered one of the sexiest man on Earth according to some magazines, but he has remained loyal to his fiancée Xisca Perelló, a young woman whom he met when he was only 14 years old and from which he has never separated.


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Rafael Nadal

Professional Tennis Player
Date of Birth
Jun 03, 1986(38 years old)
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