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Dean Ambrose

How much is Dean Ambrose?

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Dean Ambrose net worth:
$5 Million
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Jonathan Good AKA Dean Ambrose, is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of the WWE, of American origin.  In SmackDonwn works under the name of Dean Ambrose who was also part of the group The Shield, composed by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Having several achievements as a world champion, Intercontinental champion, champion of the United States, among others. Currently is the winner of the Money in the Bank 2016.

Born on December 7 of 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Before starting his career, he sold popcorn in a theater, which was before he starts training in the ring. He began his wrestling career working for Les Thatcher in the HWA: Heartland Wrestling Association, under the name of Jon Moxley making his debut in 2004. It was until 2010 that he obtains the title of heavy weight against Aaron Williams.

Deam Ambrose in 2009 began working on Dragon Gate, a wrestling team, debuting on November 28 of that year, defeating by submission B-boy, still under the name of Moxley. In 2011, signs an agreement with World Wrestling Entretainment using the name of Dean Ambrose, making his debut against another independent wrestler, Seth Rollins, both fighters showed a great performance in the ring. Later in 2012, makes another debut on 18 November of that year, at the Survivor Series with the company of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, making the famous team “The Shield”.

Dean Ambrose

Currently Dean Ambrose lost the World title defense of the WWE Championship against AJ Stile who snatches the title beating him with a low blow while the referee wasn’t observing.

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Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

Professional Wrestler
Date of Birth
Dec 07, 1985(38 years old)
United States of America
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley Moxley Moxx
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