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Daniel Norris

How much is Daniel Norris?

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Daniel Norris net worth:
$2 Million
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We have seen the news about Daniel Norris. A major-league pitcher who plays with Detroit Tigers and lives in an old 1978 van. This slim and athletic guy who loves trekking and surfing has a net worth of $2 million.

Daniel David Norris was born in Johnson City, Tennessee (USA) on April 23rd, 1993. His family have owned a bicycle store for over eighty years, in which Norris helped his father. He practiced many sports activities such as Basketball and Football, but he highlighted in Baseball.


Norris was selected at the second round in 2011 Draft by Toronto Blue Jays. He made his debut on MLB on September 5th that year against Boston Red Sox, when he strikeout David Ortiz.

on July 30th, 2015 he was transferred to Detroit Tigers along with Matt Boyd and Jairo Labourt for David Price.

Life Style.

He decided to live in his customize band with only $750 monthly, despite he earns $2 million a year. He claims he feels happy with that life style. He has also said that he is happier by being poor.

Daniel Norris has actually needed much money. He grew up in a middle class family. He spent most of his childhood doing trekking with his two elder sisters. When he signed his contract with Toronto Blue Jays in 2011, he celebrated that by buy a 12-dollar-t-shirt.

That year he also bought his own house, a 1978 Volkswagen Westphalia “Shaggy” for that old cartoon character from “Scooby Doo.” The van has everything he needs. A bed, portable kitchen to fry some eggs for preparing breakfast, and a living in which he can spend the day. that vehicle is his “best friend.” He takes his van wherever he goes. To the training field, to the beach to practice surf, or to the mountain to do some trekking. He also writes his reflections during the day, and he even reads his favorite author, Jack Kerouac.


He announced in 2015 on social media that he suffered from cancer.  The left-handed pitcher announced on twitter and Instagram that he was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer. He also indicated that it was a malignant tumor.

Norris noticed the protuberance some months earlier that year, after he was sent to AAA. He also recognized that he was alarmed when he found out about that tumor, but he decided to keep playing.

So he did!

After 8 openings that season for Detroit Tigers, and the support from his teammates, other colleagues, and his own team, he underwent a surgery to remove the tumor on the thyroid. He announced the good news once again on Twitter that the tumor was successfully removed.

Now he is living a life a bit slow that he used to it before that health issue. He continues with a simple life, but he has showed courage and determination.

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Daniel Norris

Daniel Norris

Major-league Baseball pitcher
Date of Birth
Apr 23, 1993(30 years old)
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