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CM Punk

How much is CM Punk?

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CM Punk net worth:
$8 Million
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The incredible Phillip Jack Brooks better known as CM Punk. It’s a champion and king of the competitions Ring of Honor (ROH), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), champion of the incredible and feared categories heavyweights as former and former fighter belonging to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Born in 26 October of 1978, a professional wrestler, MMA fighter and also a role model as a representative of a lifestyle that is based on not drink smoke or consume any kind of narcotic or psychoactive substance.

The previously WWE wrestler is now a fighter of mixed martial artist having his debut in the octagon in the UFC 203 event. He lost his first fight due to a submission of an arm bar by Mickey Gall. The fighter presumed to have martial skills involved with the Brazilian-jujitsu and Kenpo this new project starts with a contract signed on December 6 of 2014 which guarantees several fights throughout the year.

CM Punk

In 2015 he was in the middle or welterweight division for each competition in mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Basically, he was motivated by the fact that the popular beliefs and opinions hailed that this former fighter would have no chance in the world of mixed martial arts, being only a pretext for ticket sales of Pay Per View.

Another great curiosity has been the fact of wanting to fight a fighter known more for his performance on television than in the world of the UFC, nothing more and nothing less than the famous Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger “Tommy Oliver” that also began to devote his life to mixed martial arts. They have been tension between these fighters and maintained an idea of a fight between them.

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CM Punk

CM Punk

Date of Birth
Oct 26, 1978(45 years old)
United States of America
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Phillip Jack Brooks, The Straight Edge Superstar, Mr. Money in the Bank, Phil Brooks, PJ, Cookie Master, Phil, C.M. Punk, The best in the world, The Straight-Edge Savior / Superstar
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