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¿Zac Efron & Hugh Jackman Musical?

By el Jun 21, 2016 in Articles

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After several years of inactivity this 2016 was the year when Zac Efron was invited to join a new musical in the big screen. Perhaps he went through difficult times, like his breakup with Sami Miró, however now he is ready for a new step into his career. We have great expectative about his work because, with this kid we always obtain positive results. This time we will see him performing with the great actor Hugh Jackman also known for his performance as Wolverine in the X-Men movies.

Since 2009 Hugh Jackman was in negotiations to make a new biographical and musical movie of P.T. Barnum, he is the cofounder of the famous Barnum & Bailey circus. It seems Zac will join the cast of the movie to tell us how did all begun in the Barnum & Bailey circus. The movie takes the name of: The Greatest Showman on Earth.

Both Zac Efron and Hugh Jsckman have a lot of experience in musical movies, we can remember Zac from High School Musical and Hairspray, also in 2009 both did a show at the Oscars. We are surely.

We are certainly hoping to see a great masterpiece of these two actors

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