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Roger Federer

By el Jun 28, 2016 in Articles

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Roger Federer was born in Basil, Switzerland in august 8th 1981. He is a Swiss tennis player; currently it ranked third in the ATP rankings, He has scored countless record in his 17 years of career and He has been for more than 302 weeks at number one ATP ranking, also he has 17 trophies of Grand Slam beating Sampras and Rafael Nadal.

Representing Switzerland in the 2008 Olympics he and his partner Stanislas Wawrinka won a gold medal, and he won a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics as single. He also won the Davis Cup 2014 giving the first cup for his country.

Roger Federer Net Worth Is around 350 Million Dollars and more than 81 millions in his career in the ATP. Federer started to play Tennis at a very young age, with his father and his sister, quickly his abilities for the were evident, and with only 8 years old Roger joined the youth tennis program of Basel and at his 10 years old he met the Australian player Peter Carter, who saw the potential of Roger, then he started to train with him for 4 years, Roger won the Wimbledon junior singles titles and he became the player ITF ranked number one in the world.

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